FUT Grapher

A python app which suggests the best squad for Fifa Ultimate Team using graph theory.

Fifa 18 Ultimate Team Squad suggestions
Fifa 18 Ultimate Team and Squad Suggestions

Background Info

The best squads in fifa ultimate team are the ones with the highest overall ratings of players and highest chemistry between each player. Chemistry between players depends on the following similarities:

  1. Same Club
  2. Same League
  3. Same Nationality

If one attribute is similar there is a orange link. If there are two similar attributes then there is a green link. The more green and orange links there are, the higher chemistry the team has.


Therefore, it is in the player’s interest to form a team with the best overalls and the best chemistry. However it becomes really tedious to find such a squad from the long list of random players.


I turned this into a graph problem to find the best squads by using players as nodes and edges as similarities.

Make a credentials.json with the FUT details: { "email": "", "password": "", "secret": "", "platform": "" }

Run python squad_graph.py


Brown node: Goalkeeper

Yellow node: Defender

Green node: Midfielder