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A community of O and A Level students, tutors and teachers.

Dragon Search

A unique search engine which accepts realtime user feedback to help the user find exactly what they are looking for among millions of papers, authors and top...

Chi Sun Mobile App

Mobile app built using react native and graphQL for Chi Sun College of University of Hong Kong.

Personal IPO

Intelligent Personal Valuation Platform. PIPO takes the company capital-raising concept and applies it to individuals.


A decentralized platform for automated credit scoring.


A R-CNN powered person detection model to inexpensively detect free learning spaces around university campus.


A smart academic planner for HKU.

FUT Grapher

A python app which suggests the best squad for Fifa Ultimate Team using graph theory.

Big Two

A full-featured multiplayer networked card game made in Java.


A web app to easily search, filter, compare and plan Azure offerings.


A complete solution for SMEs to remain competitive against big labels and online shops.


A Virtual Reality cross-platform game built using C#, Unity and Sketchup to promote heritage of Kowloon Walled City Hong Kong.